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At Morgan HoneyBee Company we understand the challenges that beekeepers face because as a 4th generation beekeeping family we too have faced challenges. Through experience we have learned how to mitigate those difficulties. Our goal is to help you navigate those challenges in order to maximize your beekeeping success.

We strive to produce and provide you with top quality queens and bees. We demand this in our own operation and believe you deserve the same. The queens you get from Morgan HoneyBee Company are the same queens we use ourselves. We demand a STAR performance from our queens and if they don't meet the standard we terminate their employment, so our  QUEENS are TENNESSEE STARS.

If they aren't good enough for us, then they aren't good enough for you.

Thank You for Your Business,

Rob and Paula Morgan

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Tennessee Star Queens

Our Queens are a strain of Italians that we have maintained since the mid 1980's. We call our line Tennessee Star Queens.

Typical of Italian bees, they are gentle and easy to work. They build up early and maintain large brood nest which translates into large honey crops.

The unique aspect of our Tennessee Star Queen line is that they over winter well in cooler climates and they're productive into their second and often third year.

Our location in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains allows our bees to thrive and do what bees do, which is forage. Those same mountains cull the weak and leave us with hardy Tennessee Star Queens that perform like


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Morgan HoneyBee Company

Greeneville, Tennessee

(423) 329-3914

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